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Command block "@p" issues.


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Hello, lately i'v been trying to teleport players inside my survival map using command blocks; seeing as Konsept gates and other similar mods just refuse to work.

My issue is two fold;

Firstly, does anyone KNOW of a teleport 'pad' mod that works with the new Tekkit?

Secondly, when using the command block, the only teleport command i can get to work is this; "tp a 203 150 50"... now, according to the Wiki this command should be written "tp @a 203 150 50" however it doesn't do anything, and when substituting "a/@a" with "p/@P" it also refuses to work.

does anyone know how i can fix this to teleport only the player activating the command block (@P) ?

Sorry for the long winded explanation.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hevent used the commanad blocks but i was curious and checked out the wiki. Did you enable command blocks in the server.properties file? it also states you must be both opped and in creative mode when placing them.

I like the "pad" type teleporters, so i will be using this on my server. good luck.

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