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Blast Protection


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I started a game on Hard because that's how I roll and I'm wondering what to do for blast-proof housing. Obviously I could use Obsidian, but I'm not too keen on the color (or on the time to break a block when I misplace one). I used to use construction foam for this, but that's gone along with the rest of IC2. I had a creeper roll on up behind me while I was putting together something simple. Oops. Problem was: I was standing over a machine room with only a layer of dirt between the creeper and it. I lost some stuff. So I'm wondering: what are people using for creeper insulation these days besides obsidian?

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In testing, on a test world, I found just using any block, apart from dirt, but making it 2 deep is enough. Try it on a test world and put a creeper next to it. Normally only the first layer is blown away, the 2nd layer stays in-tacked.

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