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  1. At a guess: probably nothing. MFR does not seem to be compatible with any of the Magical Crop seeds with the exception of (I believe) obsidian seeds. This is a known issue, though it's not clear if the obsidian seeds working is unintentional, or the incompatibility is unintentional. Either way, it seems to be on the Magial Crops side of things, since MFR is fully compatible with other mod's seeds (like Pam's Flowers, for example).
  2. What with having to maintain fertilizer in the multifarms I've found MFR's farming machines to be preferable to Forestry's multifarms. I encourage you to have a look at MFR's harvester, planter, and fertilizer machines.
  3. I just recently finished up a huge skyscraper for my 1.3.9 BigDig world. I used Dimensional Doors to link groups of floors together (did a dimensional door about 1 every 3 floors, so you were always just a single staircase away from your destination). Works great. If you design the room or rooms you put the doors in it can look pretty cool, too.
  4. Personally, bees don't interest me much, but one of the guys I'm playing with on a server I host *loves* it. He's all into the tree-breeding thing and all the rest. *shrug* It makes him happy. It's fun for him. Who's to argue with that? I spend my time providing automation assistance when he asks and building huge mega-things the rest of them time (built a fully automated farm with every crop in the game on a previous run through, now I'm building my first large-scale sky scraper). And I have to admit: the hybrid trees are pretty cool. I decorated a small arboretum in the scraper with 'em.
  5. Edit: bah wrong modpack. Sorry.
  6. I find that I miss Factorization the most. I used very few of the blocks it added, but I really loved wrath lamps and especially the Router. What with all the TE machines not currently having any way to overclock them, I really wish I had Routers to spread a job over multiple TE machines.
  7. Because my farm is not part of my main base. It's at my original base. You know: the one we all build to hold off the creeper horde long enough for us to really get going? It's there. And there's no need to move it. It works perfectly right where it is. It has a Dimensional Anchor to keep it loaded and with no AE storage at all (using only storage buses) and its size (it's like 10 blocks all told, buried under the harvesters) its power consumption is miniscule. That's why it's not part of my main system. And no, I'm not generating 10s or 100s of thousands of materials currently. I have level emitters that shut off my harvesters at >1000 of each seed. That keeps me with a sufficient buffer for biofuel production for now. I may expand later when (if) my power requirements go up, but it's entirely adequate for now. DSUs are total overkill for that amount of item storage, but I knew I would only be storing a very few item types (two, currently) and DSUs are cheap as hell (the chest recipe is just wood for chests, rubber for plastic, and cooked stone for MFR machine blocks), so my reason for using DSUs was more due to the question: why wouldn't I? I was also experimenting with how AE storage buses interact with DSUs at the time. Turns out they work perfectly, correctly reading the amount of items in the DSU, but I partly made the system using DSUs so I could determine that.
  8. Well, keeping in mind that 1.44 bucket is produced by 9 crops (one each of the crops in the reactor is consumed to produce the 1.44 buckets). So while a single crop produced .08 buckets, the efficiency of a fully diverse reactor is actually 1.44/9 = 0.16 per crop consumed. That's still worth doing (double the efficiency), but just trying to make sure we don't overstate the benefit. As for managing the crops in the reactor, I find a precision export bus from a crop AE system (not my main system) does the job quite well. I maintain a DSU for each crop seed (just two in my case currently: pumpkin and melon - planning to add more as my settlement gets larger), and autocrafting tables convert the pumpkins and melons into seeds (this avoids having to set up the huge autocrafting AE system for this little, remote AE system). The DSUs are connected to the system with storage buses, so seed stores can be monitored and harvesters (individual for each crop) can be switched on or off to maintain appropriate stored quantities. Filling the reactors (just two for now) is done with a precision export bus set to export stacks. I find that's quite fast enough to ensure both crops get inserted.
  9. I'm not sure about UE cable, but I do know that a generator, or any MJ engine, for that matter, will run forever when connected to a red stone conduit. Any excess MJ not used by whatever is downstream is wasted. To prevent this I hook my generators to a redstone energy cell. A BC pipe of any kind with a red stone gate on it can then be used to emit a signal when the cell is full, which you can use to turn off your engines/generators.
  10. Sure. Autocrafting table takes care of that. One each for pumpkin and melon, obviously. Works well with a small AE system. If you put the reactors near your farm (and thus the AE system) and leave a 1 block tank prior to throwing it into a tesseract to transport to wherever your main storage facility is you can even detect when the main storage is full (because your little tank will fill up). Throw a pipe and a pipe gate on that to detect when the tank is full and you can even get a redstone signal to shut off the AE system and the harvester(s) when your biofuel storage is full.
  11. In terms of input to a bio reactor I like pumpkin and melon seeds: you don't have to replant them and you even get 2 types for some diversity. All you need is a harvester with a huge range upgrade.
  12. I started a game on Hard because that's how I roll and I'm wondering what to do for blast-proof housing. Obviously I could use Obsidian, but I'm not too keen on the color (or on the time to break a block when I misplace one). I used to use construction foam for this, but that's gone along with the rest of IC2. I had a creeper roll on up behind me while I was putting together something simple. Oops. Problem was: I was standing over a machine room with only a layer of dirt between the creeper and it. I lost some stuff. So I'm wondering: what are people using for creeper insulation these days besides obsidian?
  13. Just wanted to provide an update and let folks know I found most of a solution to this issue. Turns out the current MFR Bio Reactor prevents pipes from inserting more than one stack of seeds into it's 3x3 input grid. That means that it also prevents export buses from AE from doing so, which means that it's fairly straightforward to insert a diverse set of seeds to a Bio Reactor from AE using a precision export bus. This does not *guarantee* diversity. If, for example, all you have in your AE system at the moment is pumpkin seeds it will only insert pumpkin seeds and will not wait for melon or wheat to become available, but it seems to be good enough and a well designed farm should take care of the rest, I think.
  14. Alright guys. I'm looking at putting together a pumpkin, melon, and wheat farm to supply seeds for a bioreactor to make biofuel. Problem: how to get those items inserted evenly in the reactor (1pumpkin, 1melon, and 1 wheat seed)? Normally I would do this with an RP2 sorting machine, and to the best of my knowledge I cannot do this with either AE or Logistics Pipes.
  15. Ah gotcha. I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that Wireless was part of RP2. I look forward to its return to Big Dig. Wireless redstone signals is such a simple thing (seemingly), but man do I ever use it all over the place. It's amazing how much can be done to manage remote bases with just a signal or three between locations.
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