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  1. Thanks for the update mate, that's all us impatient players need is a "Shut up, we will be back to it" We're busy". A Voltz update sounds kool though.
  2. As far as I know I think it may be the Dungeon pack mod.
  3. Been away awhile, is BigDig still being regularly updated? I know managing multiple modpacks is a lot of work.
  4. G'day, I've been away from BigDig for quite awhile and was wondering is it still being Updated and Worked on? I also noticed there is a new Mod Pack Hexxit, and am unsure on what it covers?
  5. Microsoft has removed the start button in Win8 >.< If that's what you meant hehe, I'm using classical start menu for my Win8. It's atrocious otherwise. My opinion anyway, not that it's wanted haha.
  6. Yes, from what I've read about it so far is that it has it's standard features and then adds in ore depending on what other mods you have installed. So in the case of ThaumcraftBees you needed thaumcraft, not the case with it's successor Magic Bees. Looks awesome.
  7. Do any of the wrench or sledge tools break them, right and left-click?
  8. Had the same thing happen but it was a eucalyptus, looked very odd.
  9. I've been testing Bees in .13 on SSP and haven't had any crashes or Hiccups so far, I can't speak for multiplayer of course. Awesome to know you're also on it. Also the successor to Thaumic Bees, Magic Bees is also now available.Not now as BigDig is so close to the new recommended, Possible for a future build of Big Dig? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1627856-magic-bees-magic-themed-bees-for-forestry-the-successor-to-thaumicbees/ Link to the Forestry home Magic Bees Thread http://forestry.sengir.net/forum/viewforum.php?id=11
  10. start making glass and use it to make coils and circuits? It is also useful for stained glass for making builds look nice. Also sand is used in the thermal smelter to smelt double ingots. Make some Aquess(Spelt wrong) Accumalators to kool combustion engines for early power creation. Make MFSU storage blocks(I think that is what they are called), they can store upto 2billion of one type of block. Store your sand in them. You'd hate to realize you need sand later and you'd chucked it. Start growing wheat for early use in a squeezer until you get automatic farms. There is a ton more stuff, but I'm in a hurry. Hope you enjoy Big Dig, I'm loving it. :)
  11. I usually halved the Cluster/size and it works out great. :)
  12. Optifine currently does some weird things to Big Dig when it's managed to be installed.
  13. Hmmm, this is all very weird. As I'm only using a Win8 4GB Asus laptop with 64bit Java and I've never suffered any performance issues. I'm not saying any of you aren't, Might be something in the .9 as I went upto .10 rather early/quickly. Hopefully CanVox can give some insight when he has time. :)
  14. I think unfortunately I shall concede, The problems have most likely come around from the update changes on multiple fronts of the mod. Causing weird behavior, I tested the bees on a new world, went back to .9 then up-to .12 no problem. I also tested the carpenter problem with the same process. A casualty she shall be, no huge loss though. T'is the fickleness of modding. Happy to help :D
  15. The biggest hindrance to reproducing a bug/crash in Forestry is it a longterm use Mod, that needs a large amount of time with all the vast amount of combinations and varieties that can be produced in the Bees it could take awhile to get the right circumstances. I've got an hour to mess around in it so I'll update this post when I get something. Unsure on the galacticraft problem, Crazybud may need to tackle that one if he has the time or feels inclined. :)
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