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[0.6.5] [23 slots] [PvE] [24/7] [No lag] [No griefing]


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No griefing

No discrimination

No trolling (within reason(lol...))

Do not ask for items (except golden shovels to claim land)

Be respectful

Always obey what the admins/moderators/co owners/owners say

Banned items

Mining lasers

Dynamite/TNT etc

World anchors (may be allowed by admin)


Grief prevention (golden shovel protection)


Group manager

About the server

We have a server community that started over a year ago now. We launched this tekkit server a few months ago. It is a friendly server, with helpful admins who will try and answer any question you have. We expect that players will be an addition to the community and will be friendly and accepting of all. The server should be up 24/7 except for servicing and host errors. The best way to see what the server is like is to join

Note: our current spawn is a bit rubbish due to griefing in the main spawn due to a problem with the protection plugin we use. It will be fixed ASAP


Our server has a few ranks which I will list here

Member (default)

Leader (for trusted, experienced players)

Staff (gives a level of authority for players who we really trust)

Moderator (a higher staff rank)

Admin (those who we know well to be admins and need to help run the server)

Co-owner (Do I need to explain?)

Owner (you know what I mean here)

We have no real application for staff, we just look out for good players who are kind and helpful.

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