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Tip: Rift Door Minecart boosting

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if you have a couple of Rift doors with a minimum of 5 spaces between them with cart detectors in front of each door, by going through the rift you can boost your minecart along your rail (standard) up to 300m, tested and confirmed by me, provided there aren't many hills to climb

How this works, when you exit a rift, you are moving at near hyperspeed until you touch the ground, i know many a time i had 1x space then dirt, and often bounce off the dirt

since your coming on to rail your cart will continue to move at near hyperspeed until its momentum reaches normal, of course coding says that the cart moves at almost the same speed regardless but coming through the rift gives you more momentum

this opens up many more design doors (as it were, lol) for fantasy roller coaster rides for example

NOTE: this boost only works with carts with players, empty carts will follow the same principle as a regular speed rail boost

anyone know the wiki for the minecart so i can add the info?

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