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Issue with Millenaire/Thaumcraft 2


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Know about the millenaire palace thing that appears in world gen that shows donors etc?

Well I JUST now made a new world, and luckily spawned right next to it. Anyway I had no idea what it was at the time and walked around the building to the side with the door, I went inside and found a TON of items (Most of which I assume are from the new Thaumcraft) laying on the floor in the foyer, just chilling there.

I realize that what with item despawning and the odds of spawning next to it being fairly low, it probably won't be an issue.

The Items are as follows in no particular order,(I haven't played with Thaumcraft 2 at all yet, just updated Most of them are "Artifacts" from TC2 btw) 2 Darkened Crystal Eyes, 1 Ancient Stone Tablet, 1 inhuman skull, 3 distorted skulls, 2 ancient seals, 3 ancient pottery, 1 knotted spike, 1 worn statuette, 3 cracked wisp shells, 16 feathers, 8 roses, 8 torches, 23 planks, 8 wool, 1 wooden pickaxe, 2 red mushrooms, 7 thaumium ingots, 1 iron sword, 15 glass, 8 coal, ten string, 1 raw chcken, and 1 ancient weapon.

Just wanted to inform you, and I am fairly certain I copied the seed correctly. Here it is, -334876721717377823

Thank you for your time. First post too XD

MOD EDIT: Yeah it's pretty obvious this is your 1st post. Maybe you should have read the damn stickied threads before showing your complete lack of understanding.

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Thaumcraft 2 occasionally spawns chests with goodies and artefacts in them. You must have got one of those in the building, and so the chest got deleted, and its contents spewed out. A lucky find.

You can use the artefacts for research, by the way. You'll probably want to read up on the Thaumcraft wiki about that. It's a bit like rubbing sandpaper over your eyes.

MOD EDIT: And you two knuckleheads aren't helping. HELLEN KELLER STATUSES FOR THE BOTH OF YOUS

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