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Auto Air Tank System.


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Ok as most people know the air bubble's look a bit daft sticking out of moon base's and don't stay very big at night time. and the airlock and sealer's are a bit pointless with the bug's.

So its down to just using tank's now i have as much oxygen as one can use ((Tree Farm for fuel on the moon)) But apart from putting tanks into the machine by hand has any one got any idea's on how to make this automatic.

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This is my moon base the tree farm now has Oxygen collectors all the way around ((will grab an up to date photo in a sec)) so at any moment there is all ways air to be collected. ((bit iffy at night))


So its not the collecting of the oxygen thats the tricky bit its the filling the tanks by hand witch is a little boring but not a massive problem. ((I like this things to be auto done)) Very lazy with things like that.

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my buddy did it using enderchests and precision exports and imports (cause they only move the exact id so only full one get taken out) and then fuzzies to put them in (that way the put any tank in regardless of how full) alittle experimentation and im sure it should be easy to replicate i dont have the exact design handy or i would post it here but it is possible

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