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New Update to 1.4.7


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Yeah I love this mod so much, it is amazing. I play it with friends on servers we find. But I would like them able to come over and to my house and we all get to play on a LAN server so we do not have to conflict with other parties on public servers. I like to do this kind dungeon exploration stuff, yet no LAN makes life hard. So if you guys can get this updated to 1.4.7 so we can have LAN servers, then I will continue to love this mod and eventually I will donate to yal so yal can make this mod better and better.

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You can totally LAN Hack/Mine! That's what it's made for! Just make a server and run it on your computer-- it's just as easy as installing the client. Then you just double-click it and you're there, easy peasy. You can find the download and instructions here.

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