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  1. You can totally LAN Hack/Mine! That's what it's made for! Just make a server and run it on your computer-- it's just as easy as installing the client. Then you just double-click it and you're there, easy peasy. You can find the download and instructions here.
  2. Just fyi to everyone, you can make your own spells and classes now, and they'll transmit over the network and everything O.o Stop suggesting and start creating! Make something good and I'll add the danged thing to the default set of classes.
  3. If you're absolutely desperate to get rid of them, and for whatever reason decided not to reroll your server before building on it, and don't want to no-mob the entire area, there's a few hacky things you can do via the "areaData" folder in your world save: Delete the area file, and a new one will be created with a different mob composition. If you're unable to deduce which area you want with an nbtEditor and a little persistence, you can delete everything inside areaData, which will result in all areas in your world being regenerated and your error log getting flooded with "couldn't find area, generated one" messages. Manually change the mob compositions within the desired area using an nbt editor. There will be a bunch of "m_", "mr_", "mn_", and "mx_" entries, corresponding to mob type, mob likelihood, min group count, and max group count respectively. Change any mob types (m_) equaling 11, 12, or 13 to a lower number (or set their likelihoods or group counts lower if you want) and you'll have fixed your creeper/phase creeper/roflconda problem(s), respectively For reference: 0: dire chicken 1: naga 2: raptor 3: giant rat 4: scorpion 5: spider 6: zombie 7: enderman 8: orc archer 9: skeleton 10: wizard 11: creeper 12: phase creeper 13: roflconda
  4. By "talking about," FlyingDucky meant, "I asked Frizzil and he said no outright." If you're gonna ask someone to hand over a massive, highly sentimental, actively developed project, you could at least have the courtesy of, you know, checking on the current status of the project before doing so. I.e., playing the mod or checking the official thread. Also, making the title of the thread "MUST READ" is beyond criminal...
  5. Try the new launcher, as the old one was known to have issues (it'd say but actually be on and other weird stuff.) This is assuming your server is as well . I'm surprised it's saying "Outdated Server" though... if after you got the new launcher and are certain you tried with, and it still says the same, then let me know.
  6. Hi there, Could you go to the Bugs subforum for HSM and post the bug over there? Be sure to follow any rules listed there! Otherwise, I won't have enough information to fix the problem (your current description is the typical symptom of many bugs, unfortunately.) They'll explain how to retrieve the logs, etc. If you haven't noticed, there's zero tolerance on these forums for non-rule-reading. (One-track road to getting "Hellen Keller'd"/"Stupid newbied".) Just fyi. And apart from that, sorry for the frustration! Re-post the bug over there and I'll do what I can to fix it or help you get your game running again.
  7. Wooaahhh-ho-hoh, this is awesome! No comment on correct subforum placement, but you deserve a trophy or something. This reminds me of those Dwarf Fortress visualizers people would come out with, except far prettier, given the Minecraft-iness. You should market this to server owners around the place, I bet having one of these on their threads would look super-slick...
  8. hey man, do you think you could make a hack/mine server program that you can just download and run? if its possible and you have time, that would be amazing. thanks again for the amazing mod. bye!

  9. hey, just saw your dev of HSM, massive fan of your mod, love it ;) but just want to say that everytime i accidently use the spell which makes me leap it crashes me, is that me or the mod? :)

  10. Me too, haha. Server owners seem to really rely on it, unfortunately for the vanilla implementation H/M is built on :(
  11. It'll be ported over at some point (unless the new Minecraft server implementation happens to be freaking awesome, in which case I'll just rely on that. Hard to say though.) Don't count on it happening very soon, though.
  12. Hey guys and gals, Just like to update the folks on this forum and the Technic crew on Hack/Mine's development (including bug fixing) and my recent ghostliness around the community, and just generally communicate with you guys since I haven't done that explicitly in a while. Firstly, sorry for not hanging around the forums, servers, and other places as I had done over the summer-- the school year's kicking in with research and project deadlines looming, and I'm pretty frickin' busy. I actually am struggling to even create this thread, since if I don't make progress on a particular research project tonight, my professor will kill me, heh. Anyhow, I'm still developing the mod and am committed to it (as always), but I'm just too swamped to spend countless hours in the community like I used to. Things will improve, though! Don't worry community, we're still friends It may be a while before I can be as involved as I previously was, though Secondly, H/M's progress is definitely slowing down (frustratingly so since it's nigh a huge release with that spell system), but it's still chugging along and will continue to do so. Since the last patch, I've fixed some hilarious problems with the mystery dimension (like the extreme lighting-related lag, and entities within it appearing on both the surface and new dimension), added 'dem Phase Creepers, and added that entire scripting language for the spell system, which still has a little ironing out to undergo. However, the new language is at least 95% done, and I've already recreated the existing spells in H/M and then some. Furthermore, those spells are improved from their prior versions, so that change plus the new block physics means things are really exciting. Again, frustratingly so since I'm so busy with other commitments... *sigh* This patch is on the edge of completion, if only I had the time to push it on over... Thirdly, to bug posters on the other subforum: I apologize for large delays in my responding to bugs, but I always get around to it, and when I do, I tend to sweep through them all at once and pay attention for days thereafter. Again, other commitments are really draining my time, but I do read the bugs and mark them as solved when they are so. And finally, THANK YOU to everyone who report bugs, it helps me tremendously and makes the mod better for everyone who plays. I can't emphasize enough how helpful bug reporting is to me-- that is likely the number one way to give back to the mod, more than suggestions, textures, and models combined. So thank you! And don't be discouraged by the far-from-immediate-responses as of late, since I do address each post (well, of bugs that haven't been reposted thirty times ) Finally, to the Technic crew, forum mods, and other devs: I'm still extremely thankful for the opportunity to be around these forums and spotlight you shone on the mod (or is it shined?), and I'm still committed to making the community a better place to be. So much so, that I'm announcing ultra-formally as opposed to just telling you in IRC. But if you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to email me, since I can't always hang around IRC, but I'll always be scanning my inbox. Your combined in-your-face attitude and sense of humor still deeply terrify me, but regardless, I remain loyal to the Technic crown. Sorry again for the absence :/ Progress is progressing! Slowly! But I remain vigilant in the name of godless entertainment! Well, not that godless. Just thought I'd level about some things, mainly my disappearance, so you wouldn't think I'd disappeared forever. I'll try to be on IRC soon, and as soon as my schedule frees up, I'll resume lurking the forums, occasionally posting things, and hopefully posting videos/images of fabled progress. Cheers!
  13. What would you think about me giving you use this info/customization so you can improve HSM for the server owner community. I beleive if you make this upgrade it will attract many more server owners, which will mean more servers therefore more people player HSM. Please message me back :) or send me an email at [email protected] or add me on skype lambor009 (username)

  14. Hey there man, i see you a dev of Hack/Mine, well i have been poking around and looking at stuff and see that many people want hack/mine bukkit. I run a tekkit server and i have a Coder, i told him about it and how you cant run plugins and asked him to set it up so people can use /home and /sethome. He said: "Why dont i just make it compatible with craftbukkit."

  15. The concern's been brought up, and it's a bit of a doozy. However, I like the idea of allowing a sort of entire "world reset," though it'd be better if I could have dungeons entire reset themselves after some time interval. Ideas in this regard are definitely in need, though.
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