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Tekkit with a few addons lets play[server][recruiting]

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Hello. I'm making a lets play with an upgraded Tekkit that's on a small server. It has a village nearby, and I am currently looking for a partner. I cant hold vary many people for now, but an upgrade is coming soon! We have some cc peripherals for programers out there, and I am learning how to mod. Also, thare may be ICBM in the modpack.

server ip:

modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/super-blue-150-pack.60922/

Please comment if you want to join, so I can turn the server on at the right time.

note: the server may not be on all the time, but will upgrade to beta soon.

note2: server is on my macbook for now, but will upgrade to beta soon.

note3: server is public

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