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I have an idea for a mod or modpack it would have NEI and it would be about realism. Instead of Rei's mini-map you would have to have a gps or an actual map their would be guns to shoot and hunt animals. Their would be modern day appliances such as stoves that could cook multiple things at once and it would cook them a little faster than normal. Their would be computers such as in the computer craft mod. Their would also be ground vehicles that could only be driven on roads that you have to make. Air vehicles could also be made. Villagers could also be more advanced such as in the minecolony mod. mocreatures could also be added. Power could be added with lights and the it was implemented in technic with machines. Urban biomes could be added along with rural biomes.

A few additions could be made to the multiplayer version such as trading posts and currency. Their could also be telephones that had to be hooked up to telephone wires witch you have to have in order to be hooked up to the servers chat and their could be a block radius one like a radio that transmitted chat on a radius of 100 blocks or so. Their could also be a internet type thing that could be hooked up to the computers that would be used to make posts like on ebay or craigslist except a minecraft version. Their could also be more weapons added in case of player attacks. Also more hostile mobs could be added such as robbers, and murderers.

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