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Smurf's server [20 slots][no banned items] loads of fun

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- No griefing

- No spamming chat

- No asking for items

- No asking for admin, mod, etc

- Have fun


- AutoRank

- AutoSaveWorld

- ChestShop

- ColorPortals (non set up yet)

- Enjin Minecraft Plugin (not set up)

- Essentials

- GriefPrevention

- GroupManager

- iConomy

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard


- 24/7

No whitlist/greylist

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sam_brown87 said he can help me with something. And i accepted the tp then he brought another player named (sniper "something") and started killing my friend and spawn camping my house and it was protected!!. I have screenshot proof but i can't insert the screenshots for some reason :(

Plz ban these players

(Problem fixed)

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