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Soul Shards! [WIP] Essentia Vitae (June 9 - Testing Version #1)


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Since this is a much smaller mod, this may be the only testing version I put out before beta release, unless something pops up. On to the mod!


(Crafting recipes are in, and you can also use NEI and the creative tab (flip past page 1).)

General crafting recipes:

sugar + gunpowder + redstone dust + glowstone dust = 4x modicum vitae

soul sand + gravel + sand + clay block = granulated soul sand

smelt granulated soul sand = potentium vitae

modicum vitae + potentium vitae = sothom spice

8x quartz pieces + lapis piece = crystalline housing

quartz block + 2x modicum vitae + 2x potentium vitae = luminescent crystal shard

Craft luminescent crystal shard with particular items to attune to a mob. Currently implemented: Craft with raw porkchop to attune to pig.

Find a pig, and activate (right-click by default) the shard on the pig. You will take 1/2 of your remaining life or 2 hearts in damage, whichever is more. Armor and difficulty level do not affect it. You must take points of damage to charge the shard. For a pig, 20 points (10 hearts). You do not need to do the damage all at once.

The shard when charged becomes vital crystal shard. Craft with crystalline housing to make essentium vitae (the soul shard).

The soul shard has eight tiers: It begins at tier 1. You must accrue kills to reach the top of the tier. For pigs, each pig is worth 1/100 of a tier. Craft "sothom core" to get enhancement bonuses on the soul shard. There are 7 tiers of sothom core, from 110% value for kills to 1000% value for kills. When you upgrade your shard from one tier to the next, your enhancement is lost. When you apply your enhancement, if you had any charge on the shard already, it is kept.

Once a shard is maxed at a tier, craft and charge another luminescent crystal shard into a vital crystal shard, then combine it to unlock the next tier. Tier 8 (VIII) is the top, shown as the "containment level".

Spawners are not currently implemented yet. When they are, they will take top-of-tier shards in order to work. You will be able to retrieve your shards by breaking the spawner. A shard cannot be used in a spawner if it is in the process of being charged up to a tier. The tier of the shard determines the quality of the spawner.

All currently-implemented stuff should have names and textures and everything just fine, so let me know if they don't, or if you find any other bugs or have any suggestions.

To compare to the existing Soul Shards mod by Shadow Dragon, mine is intended to take less time but more effort, be started earlier in a world (early game, not late game), take more resources, but use fewer rare resources. It should not feel "cheaty", but it should also not feel like GregTech. Somewhere around the level of Dartcraft in terms of effort v. reward would be perfect to me.

Let me know what you think!

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