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The-End Glitch, Endermen Voltz 1.0.13 using MCPC+


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Hi guys.

with my server using MCPC+ with Voltz 1.0.13

in the-end the endermen are constantly Spawning and then immediately Despawning.

so i see groups of them come and go over and over, since there only in for like a 1/4 second no one can interact with them.

has anyone seen this before, and if so how can i fix it, if there is a fix?

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quick update,

i took out all the plugins and started fresh to see if there would be anything else to cause the issue.

there was no change in regards to the-end

the problem has to be caused by MCPC+/or the combination of mcpc+ and voltz 1.0.13

apart from that, im still looking into the fix

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