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Trying to get MFF (Modular force field) help and I have no Idea on how to start it.

Having a terrible time trying to find a video of the updated version, since I'm assuming it doesn't require monazite ore, (hope not because our server didn't generate any and it doesn't show up in MEI).

Help would be appreciated Thanks

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Joker, thank you for the reply figured out that it no longer needs monazite for it to function another question now, It seems that it takes the coercion deriver quite a bit of time to generate fortron even with the speed upgrade. Is the Idea to make a (insert number here) to increase production? Currently giving it power with redstone conduits. Was also wondering what an optimum set up would be like ratio wise. How many coercion deriver's would I need to produce enough fortron to power a shield of a reasonable size?

Thanks for your time

To zanthious: If you read the link he posted it said that they took out monazite in later builds and you no longer need it.

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I found the coercion deriver was incredibly slow when powered off pipes or redstone conduit. In the version of the mod after the version included in big dig there is a fix for "Improved BuildCraft compatibility accuracy". With that in mind I dropped a single section of universal cable in between the power source and the deriver and it got much much better, dramatically so.

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