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Galacticraft (Problem With Power)


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So I'm trying to power an oxygen collector in galacticraft using a couple of engines. Experimenting in creative, I tried several of each kind of engine, and I couldn't find an engine that would keep the oxygen collector powered at all times. What would you guys suggest for powering an oxygen collector?

My oxygen distributor bubble isn't getting any bigger than 1 and a half blocks or so, and I think this is why.

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BioFuel seems to be the popular choice at the moment. http://wiki.technicpack.net/BioFuel_Generator

Magmatic Engines are also nice, look for lava lakes in the Nether and Liquid Tesseract lava to feed them. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Magmatic_Engine

I'd say at least 4 BioFuel Generators, and maybe 10-12 Magmatics. Not sure of the draw the Oxygen Collector needs.

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