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How to get through a forcefield?


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I am playing on a raid and faction server, and I found an amazing base that I want to raid. Their base is surrounded by an MFFS... pretty large. Is there ANY way I can get in? Thanks in advance!

Edit- Forgot to mention, he has not claimed any of the land it is in. I could totally claim all the land and he wouldnt be able to do anything but I wouldn't get any of the loot

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You can wait for the forcefield to run out of fuel (possibly a long time) or you can tunnel underneath to see if he left anything valuable unguarded. There is sometimes a glitch where you can drop into the forcefield by mining from the top. however, it seems as if this guy spent a long time making his base. Perhaps you should leave him alone & instead raid unsuspecting noobs.

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Yea I suppose I could set up a world anchor... but I really want this base :P Cant dig underneath it either, probably 20 blocks on each side covered by forcefield.

Edit- I got in. For all the people that view this thread, the way I got in was it ran out of power. Lucky me, got there at the right time. Unlucky me, about halfway through the raid the owner came.... aaand it was an admin base.

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