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  1. Which version of optifine do you reccomend for Big Dig version 1.3.9,Forge #712?
  2. The voltz version is 1.1.4-- the latest version on your technic platform. When you get on, could you type up the coords of spawn cause I'm completely lost.
  3. You can wait for the forcefield to run out of fuel (possibly a long time) or you can tunnel underneath to see if he left anything valuable unguarded. There is sometimes a glitch where you can drop into the forcefield by mining from the top. however, it seems as if this guy spent a long time making his base. Perhaps you should leave him alone & instead raid unsuspecting noobs.
  4. Hey Dale, when I right click on a crafting table, the recipe list (on the right hand of screen) does not show up. Any ideas on why this could happen? Also could we get the /spawn & /home plugin as they are really useful for re-locating bases & in mining. P.S This is a pretty good server- haven't been griefed in 24hrs!!
  5. IGN : RolandWarner Level: Intermediate Playstyle: Small teams to working alone. In order to get tasteful raiding, can we ban nuclear, red matter, antimatter, and griefing (when used on another person's base) but allow nuclear cluster (as it does not destroy the landscape to my knowledge)
  6. Is this server anti grief (as in no using grenades to break open other peoples chests or using antimatter missiles to destory their week's worth of work)?
  7. age 18 -timezone and country of residence AEST, Australia -experience with minecraft/voltz (just so i know, im not a genius myself), Beginner/ intermediate. Very good theoretical knowledge, but lacking experience. -what attracts you to my idea/server I think its a good balance between pvp & raiding. SOunds like it could be a lot of fun. -are you willing to group up with others or me or are you a lone wolf I like being in a team with others, but after playing minecraft factions, I've become incredibly sceptical & distrustful of anyone. So I'm probably going to start off on my own or in a small group. -do you think that you understand my views about the difference between stupid grief and just fun pvp? I definitely understand your ocncept for the server. Griefing is destructive, made even more so by the ICBM mod. PVP, such as a few conventional missiles to attack defenses (not solar panels), pranks & raiding can be fun more both players.
  8. Username: RolandWarner Age:18 How long have you been playing Minecraft?:Since last Christmas Do you know much about Voltz?: I know a lot about Voltz. But I find that I am still learning eg' particle accelerators & hydrogen generators. Why do you want to play on this server?: Because it's anti grief. Every time I build something special on another server, it gets totalled in 2-3 hours. What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: I love playing Minecraft because I can use my imagination to build almost anything & Voltz offers me a whole new range of possibilities. I also like Minecraft as it is passive - I don't like running around shooting or killing stuff like in COD or Halo, especially when I have a lot to lose.
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