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Looking for a bit of answers to some past and current issues.


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Old problem, my previous server had a location in which if the chunk was loaded anywhere near me, (AKA if I was within 10 chunks of it), would cause my client to stop receiving data from the server, and take 4 megs a minute, and end my client in overflow. Basically when I placed a block or mined a block, it wouldn't show up as done, until I came back after a disconnect. This area cost me 2 gigs in less than a few hours.

The errors were all "disconnect.overflow" and there were no additional errors. Even deleting the entire region did nothing. Deleting the region from the files I mean, it reverted it to as if I just found it for the first time. I don't believe anyone else had issues with this area.

What would cause something like that?


My new problem, or my friend's problem. He walks into an area of mine, where I mined down to bedrock level in exactly 8x8 chunks, there was nothing at all but air in this 8x8 chunk area (other than level 1 bedrock) and he has issues where his client freezes in it and has lag issues or something. There's no falling water, no random things running here, it's just all air.

I built Bedrock walls around the edges of this 8x8 chunk hole up to about height 70, covered level 2 in 100% solid quartz blocks. Built a trap and a machine or 2 (pistons, light sensor, command blocks) and he still has the same issue though it was only after I fired my gauntlet's plasma weapon or whatever it's called. The blue ball shooter. He keeps telling me that it's only this area that causes his client to "freeze". I'm not sure if his client goes into apphang, or if the game stops accepting commands or what. He left without giving me any answers so I am unsure.

What would cause this with his client and his client alone?

Just a note, he even reinstalled his operating system (due to a graphic malfunction previously) so he had to download and install a new copy of tekkit, I believe he did this twice due to a bad install at first.


Is anyone able to come walk around in this area he says is bugged and tell me if they have the same issue so I can find out if it's the server, or his client?

Can something be server-side only that effects only one single person?

Here are 2 screenshots of my area:



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