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[1.1.5]Cascadia[PvP][30][No Whitelist][Factions and Economy]Build an Empire


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I would like to invite you to our new server!



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In order to join the server you must be on Tekkitmain version 1.1.5, in order to get this version, Click on the Tekkitmain icon, below it click on the gear icon and select latest build

Starting in the desert, Cascadia is a thriving city with a rich economy and deep political turmoil. You have just been released from prison after it was realised that you did not commit the crime you were accused of. Now you must make a life for yourself, venturing out and surviving on the bounty of the wild or banding together with other adventurers and building your own great cities.

Challenge other factions for control over finite resources and make them recognize you as the superior force!

We are a full pvp and grief server with several things built in to help you protect your stuff.

Utilizing several plug-ins as listed below, we hope to build a strong community of players that enjoy building cool things in a competitive environment.

Our dedicated staff are very friendly and are continuously looking for ways to better our server.

Our server is using a dedicated host, so it is up 24/7/365.



Awesome Staff

Cheat Protection

X-ray protection

Economy set up


Sign shops


Factions (works with Essentials Eco)


Mob Manager (Mob and Player kills give you money)


Dimensional Doors – Lag issues

Mystcraft – Lag issues

Chunk Loaders – limited use

EE3 – To help promote trade and commerce

Modular Power Suits – may bring back at later date





Do not harass others. (verbally)

Do not environment grief

No spamming

Do not impersonate staff

Do not advertise

Do not attempt to crash the server Any attempt = Perma Ban

Do not create mass amount of entities and not clean them up

Abuse of items will get them revoked and destroyed.

Do Not Intentionally abuse glitches or game mechanics.

No Harassment in any form to players or staff.

No Duplication

No Hacked Clients (included adding mods that give game play advantage like x-ray)

While this is a competitive server, we want to try to keep the environment friendly.


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Yes, to join a 1.1.5 server you have to force that version of tekkit in the launcher. Under the tekkit icon there is a little cog, click that and manually choose 1.1.5 then hit save. Hope you find your way and welcome to the server. If you have any other problems let me know.

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I have also found a really wierd thing that whenever you try to stand on a block that is part of the mod it teleports you back down where you jumped up from. Is that the server or latest version of Tekkit?

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