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  1. Ign:vanto Age:18 Internet Speed: Ping to 7ms Up:5Mbps Down:20Mbps Do you have teamspeak? (Must have): Yes Why are you interested in this server?: Cause I wanna play on an actualy HC server that works and does not have BS rules. Do you work well in teams?: Yes
  2. Spawn is completly blown up, can't respan because you instantly fall down and die
  3. Yo could you help me man?

  4. I have also found a really wierd thing that whenever you try to stand on a block that is part of the mod it teleports you back down where you jumped up from. Is that the server or latest version of Tekkit?
  5. These are the issues that need fixing atm: Placeing Lava Using Flint and Steel I cant place Cobblestone Transport Pipes
  6. Here you go, I found it for you
  7. Im sure you can find them on the forums somewhere or on the news page when they update they leave a server link there. Also the thing with this older build that if you don't disable Backpacks than players can dupe with it where as in the new build they have fixed it. Also I might bring some people on with me :)
  8. I would join but needs to be updated to 1.1.5 as well as removeing Dimensional Doors mod since its the worst lagg maker in Tekkit.
  9. Its still not up, you messed up somethnig bad...
  10. Can you check server please, same problem :(

  11. Its back up now, other servers had issues too so I think its the 1.1.4 build...
  12. The point is that there are NO plugins
  13. I think it might be the host that is doing something with it not him...

  15. Its basically that the update message crashes your client for some reason and that turns it off.