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*Urgent* Huge issue, Modpack items failing to load on world


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Okay this is one hell of a big issue.... i shut my server down normally yesterday and then i woke up and started it today and now...

Every single item that is to do with tekkit is not loading, floating torches, trees are nothing but a dodgy shadow on the block they used to stand on... all pipes are gone and u can walk freely but you can tell what items are missing like machine blocks and crafting blocks are mostly just a black see through shadow kind of block

i don't get why it's not working? I spawned and i died for some reason? i think i was afk in the spaceship and logged out and when i logged on it just instantly killed me


I'm assuming something must of changed so does anyone know how to fix it?



I think maybe i might of ran the normal minecraft server instead of tekkit one? Just if i did do that and now it's decided to eat my world...

What do i do?


I went further out and all my tubers are still there untill they get close to the chunks near me... so the 10x10 chunks near me have all rubber trees and anything to do with tekkit removed... and now just a shadow... ifi right click a shadow block it goes away >->

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check whatever files and settings involving craftbukkit mcpc ect (whatever your using for mods) this looks a lot like what happens when you try to use the vanilla minecraft jar to load a server thats supposed to be using the custom mod jar (tekkit.jar bigdig.jar ect) symptoms are all mod items disapear from map.

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