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Modding Tekkit


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So first off, when it comes to adding mod packs I'm a complete idiot. Now, my final end goal is to be able to add the mods that Tekkit doesn't have to it, which I've failed at so far. If anyone can or would tell me what I need and how to do it in short little baby steps then that would be great. Don't know if this has already been posted or not as there are a lot of threads here. If you've see the yogscast of tekkit before they went to FTB that is pretty much what I want along with flans mod. This is not a server only for my PC.

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If you just want to add mods to tekkit for yourself, the easiest way would just be to download mods and put them in here:

C:\Users\[YourUserNameHere]\AppData\Roaming\.technic\tekkitmain\mods if you have Windows 7 like me. If you have a different version of Windows, it shouldn't be to different. If you have a mac, sorry, cant help. =P

I suspect you have gotten this far before. Once you have all your mods downloaded, start up Minecraft. This is where it gets tricky.

If Minecraft crashes, chances are its a ID conflict. Deciphering the crash report is a little tricky but you should be able to figure out what the issue was with. Fix those by editing the values in the corresponding config file somewhere around these parts:


Another thing you will want to do is disable duplicate ore generation (i.e. both forestry and thermal expansion adds copper, you only want one) which is also done in the configs.

If you want to make your own modpack go here:


Its worth reading even if you don't want to make a modpack because it will probably help with what I (tried to) explain above.

If I just confused you, well, someone else will see this and hopefully do a better job of explaining. XD

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Before their server went to Feed the Beast, I don't think it's classic though I could very possibly be wrong. @ Dwwojcik Yes I have windows 7 but since I have the Tekkit launcher do i need to edit things from the launcher files or the actual minecraft files from the vanilla download? I will def read that link and if I have questions I will be back. Also I know minecraft vanilla but after see those videos made me want to play again so that's why I'm trying so har to get things running the way I would like it to. As for editing values I tried that with flans mod and FTB with no success at all.

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Ok.... I missed the part about the Yogscast Tekkit (I loved that series, but I feel like it died with Tekkit classic.) Unfortnately, unless you don't mind actually playing Tekkit Classic on Minecraft 1.2.5 you won't be able to do it. Albalaka is MIA so there hasn't been a IC2 official release since MC 1.4.5. RedPower, well, I think it would be better to treat RedPower as a lucky bonus when it does update instead of a requirement..... still stuck in 1.4. EE2 is no longer updated, not since 1.2.

If you don't mind 1.2.5 instead of 1.5.2 go ahead and play Tekkit Classic. It is the same pack. They just renamed Tekkit to classic when Tekkit Lite came out.

No, to add mods to any Technicpack modpack all you have to worry about is


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