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  1. Hey guys remember Tekkit? I have to say, after a refreshing year+ long break from Minecraft, it's pretty fun. Bytemaster says he could run a server for us if there's general interest. The other option of course being Factorio.
  2. I didn't realize people drank it plain. I thought it was for putting in other drinks, like Orange Juice.
  3. I've had my current PC for almost 2 years at this point. I have 30 GB of space left over on the SSD, which isn't all that much in my opinion. This does include the programs I've installed on it of course, since I didn't want my OS to be the only thing getting that sweet sweet speed boost. If you install literally everything on your D drive you'll be fine on the C drive, but it would end up being a bit of a waste.
  4. I'd keep the i7 to be honest, there does seem to be a trend towards better multi threading in games. And normally I'm a bit pro-AMD, but right now I think Nvidia is the better choice in the 980 range. Definitely wait for the new generations of processors to come out though, if Zen and Polaris are as good as they say you'll want to consider switching over to AMD. Also, I'd put in a larger SSD. My C drive is 120GB as well, and it's feeling a bit cramped.
  5. Any processor that puts out enough heat to need a cooler uses thermal paste. I can't imagine thermal paste could cause a sudden change like that though, so my bet is on software as well.
  6. Yeah, I played it. It's funny that you should say that, because many people are complaining that Battlefront II supported as many as 128 players and that 40 isn't enough. To be fair, it's more a problem with the way spawns work than the number of players. And I won't deny, I'm guilty of spawncamping the rebels on the first stage of Hoth in an AT-ST, they were beating us pretty soundly and I like to think that I bought my team the the few seconds we needed to win. By the end one AT-AT was down and the other took its shot on the Shield Generator with something like 10 health.
  7. Don't worry I already pestered him about it. They added IC2 which is cool.
  8. Oh neat thanks. I actually looked at that website just a couple of days ago, but then it just said "Hello World".
  9. Jeez mod permissions are complicated. I don't envy Canvox.
  10. This is from here. What does this mean? Was the mod cut, and the page not updated?
  11. Isn't nagging the devs a good way to not get what you want?
  12. Oh there are plenty of machines in Legends. Don't forget about Engineers Toolbox, it can do pretty much everything TE can. That plus Forestry and Railcraft... the functionality is probably on par with Tekkit.
  13. Redstone Arsenal is a TeamCoFH mod, I'm sure CoFH Core is a dependency. It's also possible that the pack developers used CoFH Core for the ore generation. In addition to Railcraft, Engineer's Toolbox has ore-doubling and such. Given that Hexxit 2 was promised sooner than Tekkit 2 (Although this may have changed when Skuli left, because I think he was the one that was working on that plan) it's possible that Tekkit Legends is intended to succeed Tekkit Classic (I mean, just look at that mod list) as opposed to Tekkit.
  14. I definitely didn't see that coming. Railcraft? Forestry? No TE? O.O
  15. Surprising? Oh no, prepare for a barrage of "Tekkit sucks without IC2"-esque complaints.
  16. Is there not a captcha or anything? FTFY Also, now I can't access my user profile. I want to change my avatar, but the page won't load. It just says there's an Error. The REAL best days were when we had XenForo, not this crap.
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