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Yet another Update failed.

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Hey all, This is my first post so try not to hate on me too much haha.

So I know it must drive you batshit crazy hearing about this all the time but I seem to be having a problem. I can open the launcher but when I log in it does a certain amount of updating, then I get a pop up window saying "Update Failed".

I have tried the following:

Deleting .techniclauncher folder & reinstalling

Downloading several versions of the .EXE

Downloading several versions of the .JAR

Creating a new user on my pc, downloading it on there and transferring across.

Turned off antivirus (Kaspersky)

Cleared Caches

Retrying several times.

None of these attempts have worked. I am running on a x64 Bit operating system with the latest Java installed (x64 bit version).

I am quickly running out of ideas. So I thought i'd chance it on here amongst the hundreds of others posting this. I apologise for this again. But it's driving me crazy haha.

Thank you for your time.

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