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A little nasty question:

Is there an easy way to switch between builds ?

More info: I own a server on 1.0.6 with some friends but I'd like to check out the latest build :D So, I'm asking myself how do I do that without constantly having to go through the launcher options evertytime I need to change ?

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Upgrading to 1.1.5 is a one way trip for the server. New mods are added, new blocks, new items, new ores generated, etc etc. I wouldn't upgrade unless you are ready to stay at 1.1.5, whether it becomes the final RC or not. Downgrading can introduce issues with your map, as blocks that existed in 1.1.5 no longer exist in the 1.0.6 world. Not a good idea.

If your friends want to check out 1.1.5, have them backup their entire tekkitmain folder, update, then start a single player map. If they want to play on your server with 1.0.6, they'll need to replace the updated 1.1.5 folder with the backed up 1.0.6 folder.

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