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How to install MCPC+ on BigDig 1.3.9?


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Hello, I´m trying to install MCPC+ B550 on my server Big Dig v 1.3.9 , but i can´t connect to the server.

If you know how to install MCPC+ on BigDig 1.3.9, please, reply this post

Need Help


Sorry for my english, but i are spanish

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Thanks, i have read the post, but in the big dig server there are 2 jars, one called BigDig.jar and other called minecraft_server.jar

which i replace?

6. Rename mcpc-plus-legacy-1.4.7-R1.1-SNAPSHOT-f534-L38.jar to BigDig to replace the current BigDig

From the post. That you read.

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