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Voltz console spam error?


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Hey guys, I finally got voltz working today with world edit and stuff, needed the bukkit forge blah blah.. Anyways, the problem, Im not sure if it was coincidence, or if it was the cause; however, when a friend was going to come on my server I never used a red matter bomb before I thought it was just a tiny explosion, but guess not, so after I seen the damage it was causing to my world and buildings I shut off the server, my friend said use anti to conflict it, so used anti then it made a bigger hole and blew up everything and the server crashed...

So, since that happened, I deleted my world and restarted the server and after about 30 seconds into the game my console just spams this like hell then crashes within a minute or two... I cant get it working, Ive reinstalled, deleted the worlds, deleted the files, redid everything, and still same problem. Which is why I figured it was coincidence and not the bomb(but i dont know) because it was working earlier.

This is what it spams, I just threw took pics together , its going so fast Idk if its repeating or if this is all of it, or if theres more but here:

s49la9.pngSo hopefully the beautiful minds of technic technical support can help me today, thank you!

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