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Kirsty & Fred's Tekkit Let's Play


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Hey chaps and chappettes :)

My lovely partner Kirsty and I started a Tekkit Let's Play back in April. We set out with the goal to create a full village, supplied with nuclear energy, factories, residential housing and more. We managed to kill each other a few times, discuss her superior feminine mining techniques and generally take the chaotic path towards our goal.

Recently, we've managed to get access to the internet once again, and soon, we'll be continuing with the mission!

If you're interested in following us through the journey, or even just checking out her video style, I'd really encourage you to check out her channel: Here.

Note: Obscene language, be warned! I've been told I have to accept that I swear more than she does. I'll let you decide.

Part 1: Here

Part 2: Here

She has plenty of other videos too which you might enjoy!

See you over there! Have a good day =]

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