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New mod possibly in development? Idea's welcomed


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Hello and Welcome to my thread.

For a while now I've been wanting to make a mod. I have had some idea's and want to share some with everyone here.

First off the mod is going to be in compatibility with new mods I may make. I'm Probably going to call the mod Starlights Mods. This mods will focus around mystery and magic enhancing exploration.

Here is a short description of the mod. I wont tell you everything however.

Mystical lands

This mod is going to include many new ruins scattered through out the world. As well as many new biomes with custom trees and new biome specific ores. In the new biomes there will be new mobs wandering the ruins of forgotten society's and much more.

This will also include somehow a battle between light and darkness.

These ore's will have a point other then making new tool's and armor. Biome specific ores will need to be smelted in a "Trapper" or other machine that allows these types of ores.

A machine called "soul essencer" will require a new item dropped by all living mobs and metals from the "Trapper" To create Purple glowing balls of light and many other devices to aid you.

A video for Minecraft 1.5.2 biomes creation and randomly generated building is needed for me to get started, however im not asking you to find me one.

Any other idea's welcomed.

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