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  1. Try adding this file into your voltz mod folder, and make sure the latest java is installed.
  2. This doesn't change anything, Voltz is a dead modpack that is probably not coming back. Their new ICBM won't be in any pack made by team technic and will probably be under a new name. The only difference between the two Voltz mods is that 2.0 is Really Really edditing freindly, meaning alot more content is going to come. Bad thing is that they're going to take a shit long time.
  3. I've recently read the forum rules and i see no issue with starting and discussing this topic. Please, everyone be respectful in their responses. I thought it was time to let the community know why voltz isn't going to come back alive. There are still many people asking questions of why is it dead, why are there no updates, well here it is. Go to google and type in DarkCow twitter, click one the search result that shows his twitter account. Now look, its not that hard you can find it. Here you will discover why its not coming back, there is a youtube video on it. If you're to lazy to use google then I suggest you be happy with never knowing. To who ever runs this mod platform please allow these people "BuiltBroken" to start taking care of the mods that need to be updated. Even if they were jerks to you first and being rude (which I highly doubt) oh well be the bigger person and get over it. They're a group (Or was) of people that are willing for free to update the content in your modpack, sound like a pretty good deal to me. If I were you, even if I was pissed at these people I'd still allow them to update it for free especially since it was one of the most popular modpacks on the platform. This petty thing between you and builtbroken needs to stop, it essentially destroyed a modpack that was getting a millions of downloads (Maybe just 1 mil) but now was destroyed because of this petty disagreement. So act like men, even if your side is right, talk to each other nicely and get the fuck over it. This petty disagreement that happened between you killed a community. Sorry if I sounded mean I promise it wasn't my intention. I don't know the full story from both sides but I do know that there was an argument that destroyed any chance of this modpack of staying updated.That is pretty pathetic for both of you to allow happen. Even if they didn't have permission I don't see some of those mod developers ever coming back.
  4. Sad part is there was people willing to support it to.
  5. It seems that the people who've created technic pack no longer try their own to create new and interesting modpacks anymore, rather just post the most famous ones out there. I may be completely wrong with that and it make have been like that since tekkit who knows. It to me seems like a lot of these packs are get a lot less popularity, I never hear about any of them in places that normally talk about them. Of course i'm entirely wrong and this still has millions users and still gainin popularity.
  6. May have just solved it. Apparently technic requires a file called Modpack in the bin. this is different from the Atlauncher where you need a folder called Jar mods. Time to upload that 415mb file....
  7. ​You linked the wrong thread. This explains how to get server files working. This thread is about why when my modpack downloaded onto the technic platform it launched vanilla Minecraft instead of modded with forge.
  8. So when I downloaded my modpack and installed it Minecraft vanilla loaded. Any idea why? Now I don't have anything that can take pictures with nor do I want to install anything so I'll just type my problem. The modpack was designed and created on the Atlauncher. Now I'm not entirely sure what's different between it and technic but I'll explain where certain mods are at. The modpack installed in the correct director. I have Forge located in a folder called jar mods. Optifine is located in there as well. For the Atlauncher, this is the correct place. Core mod folder is empty The bin does have a Minecraft win rar file, unmodified No modpack rar file config is filled. core mods is empty and unsused The mod was in a zip file and installed in the correct location. That's all I really see important. If you need more information I will tell.
  9. As a lot of us remember, there was a huge amount of complaining that mekenism was not kept. Well Ue has died now. No more mod updates, no more anything. This is a big problem, because voltz was based off of UE, Which means its now based off of a dead modpack. What will happen now? Maybe I missed something, but what is to become of voltz?
  10. I've updated to that link but the download just keeps repeating after 100%, going back to 1%. I posted what you put into the modpack location. Would the setup of how everything is in my modpack file prevent it from working? I'm pretty sure the bin is not entirely correct.
  11. I'm making a modpack for a server. It seems to attempt to download but soon it fails. I think something is wrong with the mod pack set up itself. Thanks for any help. I know this gets repetitive but its so hard to understand what's happening. The host this is located at is the link above. The modpack location is the seconded link. You have to copy and paste since link adding doesn't work for me.
  12. None of those items exist in this version of voltz. I'm not playing on latest version, I think its 2.0.4 recommended.
  13. Guess what, I did look up a wiki. Guess what? It told me to pump it out. I know how to create a pink slime but there is no slot to put a bucket in it, cant right click and there are no tanks to pump it into. The wiki says pump into a tank, well voltz recommended doesn't have a tank.
  14. How do I craft this item? Item says pump it out but there is nothing to pump it into. Recommended version of voltz, how do I get this item?
  15. Honestly voltz is boring after "I can blow up anything and go anywhere." It may be a tech mod but its still Minecraft. I would love to see chisel in this pack because well, Building is fun. After making hundreds of machines and items I just use them to start building anything because I have the resources to build everything. I would line the floors of my fancy new home with marble. Any ways, perhaps it is time to stray away from being centered on Ue to make It fresh. If anything near the original suggestion of this thread was added to make things interesting again, than that may have to happen.
  16. More than half the time, for a mod pack the discussions don't even load. Sometimes it doesn't load at first and refreshing upon refreshing finally gets it to show up. I don't know If its just me or not so I'm reporting this here.
  17. Well, there were disagreements between these mods and the Ue developer said fine your no longer part of Ue. Mekanism will have a crossover mod that will be allow it to be used with UE. For now, rant at UE mod pack owner or shut up. All this negative feedback really stopped the new voltz version, although it was a bit premature to update it this soon but still.
  18. No, Post a link that we can use to paste into the technic launcher. Ye cannot download it then add it.
  19. Did you abandon voltz? I still think it has a chance honestly, just some time needs to be passed for the Ue owner to get his stuff together.
  20. Are you saying there cannot be magic in a world full of mystery and unexplored dungeons? Galacticraft does not fit voltz, most mods are geared up to blow up you items, this is about exploring other planets but it is still in voltz. Remember when the pack owners removed "Air balloons" Because it didn't fit the theme? If fit it perfectly, added more things to explore but instead removed it because they didn't think it fit. How does Tconstruct fit in with hexxit? Nothing to do with exploring only mining. Don't you agree that there should be some magic mods added in some of these packs? Its either always geared up for tech, magic only or exploration. Why cant a magic pack end up in a tech war pack like a versus or something Anyways, I belive it does fit. Thaumacraft adds a new way of exploring through advancing through its research and you can use the items you get from exploring on it. Its kind of like Iron in vanilla Minecraft. Its only used for tools or a very expensive iron block. Once you have it, there is no use other than that. No blocks or anything. In TConstruct you get matarials you get from xploring and use them to make better items, the same in thaumacraft.
  21. Honestly this mod should of already been added in. I don't know why technic has a problem with magic mods but I'd really love to see this in a pack.
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