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[1.0.6]◀◀TurtleCraft▶▶ ♣Anti-Grief♣ ♣Factions♣ ♣No-Lag♣ ♣Eco♣ ♣McMMO♣ ♣Jobs♣


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TurtleCraft ip: Teamspeak ip: website: http://turtlecraft.omgforum.net/


TurtleCraft is a server that is extremely community driven.

TurtleCraft is optimized for fun and creativity that benefits the player the most.

We strive to be the funnest server out there on the tekkit forums and to have the highest satisfaction rate.

We promise you will enjoy TurtleCraft!


Major Plugins

  • Factions
  • CallAdmin (you will be remotely able to contact an admin outside of the server)
  • CoreProtect (and other secretive protection plugins)
  • McMMO
  • ESsentials
  • AutoRank (plenty of ranks to strive for)
  • Jobs
  • ChestShop
  • Many more to come!!!
  • No Boom (finally no more cleaning up after those creepers!)

Restricted items and mods

  • Dimensional doors
  • backpacks
  • chunk loaders

Donation benifits


  • Access to /nick and all other colors/effects
  • Access to MobDisguise
  • 2 diamond blocks :OOOO
  • Rocket and 2 fuel cans
  • Excalibur (super enchanted diamond sword its so amazing :DDD)
  • 1 moon buggy


  • Donator package
  • Access to /fly
  • access to /feed
  • your own floor on the spawn! :o
  • /nyan (you can fly like a nyan cat)
  • /speed


Sure, no one likes rules, but it is necessary for justice in TurtleCraft.

No turtle shall be betrayed.

  1. No griefing, you will be rolled back anyway.
  2. No stealing or raiding.
  3. Respect ALL staff AND players.
  4. Do not beg for ranks, op, or items.
  5. Do what the staff say or there will be justice.
  6. No vulgar language.

TurtleCraft ip: Teamspeak ip: website: http://turtlecraft.omgforum.net/


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