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Need some help with a whitelist server. Builders needed!

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Hello all. Im building a server and I have a bunch of things already done. Such as setting it up, getting a world, a few protection plugins and other things. But I need help building other things like a spawn. Im not very good at building so I need 1 or 2 people to help out. Exclusives or other things will probably be granted.

What I need is a spawn. That's all for now, maybe later I can promote someone to admin or mod or something like. It will be a whitelist server with no items banned but you will need to reach a certain rank to get items like the rm pick.

I do need some recommendations on what other plugins Im looking for.

One such plugin is a ranking system. Where I can set ranks and what items those ranks can use and how people achieve these ranks.

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am a pritty good builder not really looking for ranks like admin / mod or what ever i just like to build and play alot i wanted to try to find a white listed server to join. tired of all the trolls on every server i play on :( well my ign is : blackrose793

age: 19

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