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  1. Search Java download and "see all Java downloads". Find the right download and install it.
  2. Delete the .technic folder and download a new launcher.
  3. First of all, this is not Xbox LIVE. No "gamertags". Second of all, asking for people to help with a let's play on a tekkit forum is a sure-fire way to fail. Since some people will come in just to ruin things. Or they might not meet your expectations or they just are youtube material. Try a different section.
  4. Okay, the problem is, is that your java is not in the path. You need to set java as a path in order for it to work. Message me for any more problems. Here is a link to a video on how to fix this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_9682&feature=iv&src_vid=7jSb0ZnwaKI&v=D6LaWqZi6Fk
  5. As with almost all other lag problems, dedicate more RAM to the technic launcher. Its done by opening the launcher, clicking on the cog in the top right corner, press memory and allocate a reasonable amount like 5 or 6 gigs.
  6. Stay with that configuration. The more the better. Otherwise try going into the control panel, and find where your sound controller is located. It may be that your speakers were disabled by something.
  7. If you have 8 GB. Try changing it to 5 and 4. The second number is better off being lower than the first number.
  8. This is tekkit classic. Which runs on the Minecraft version of 1.2.5 so those features have no been implemented yet.
  9. Press the cog gear in the top right corner of the launcher. The scroll down menu next to memory
  10. Give it more ram. It must be a little difficult for it to run with so little ram.
  11. If you want, I can do it all for you if you want. Through a program called teamviewer. Add me on skype if your willing to get it fixed quickly.
  12. Then all I can say after that is to completely delete the server folder. Backup any plugins and other special items and redownload it from the website.
  13. May either be not enough RAM dedicated to tekkit, or you muted something..
  14. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=8872 this may shed some light
  15. Seems like the item 116 has a different ID from in-game and in the files.. Im not quite sure on how to fix this.
  16. Hello all. Ive been pondering at posts and all that and I see people saying things like, "ive played tekkit for 4 years!!" and it made me think, ive been playing for a very long time, but I dont remember it being released.. When was THE original file released? I looked through the technic website and found August 11th 2011. But Im not sure about that. Anyone wanna remind me?
  17. Do exactly as it says, start it with more RAM. Go to your server folder and right click on launch.bat. Then edit it. change the first number to something below your installed RAM. Change the second number to something below the first number. That should fix it.
  18. Hmm.. Okay, do this. Create a new text document in that folder, name it mod_MinecraftForge.cfg. then copy/paste this into it. #MLProperties: name (type:default) min:max -- information #MLProp : computerBlockID (int:207) #MLProp : diskDriveBlockID (int:208) #MLProp : diskItemID (int:4000) #MLProp : diskDriveGUIID (int:100) #MLProp : enableAPI_http (int:0) #MLProp : modem_range (int:64) #MLProp : modem_rangeDuringStorm (int:1) # #Fri Jun 21 22:26:23 CDT 2013 terminal_width=50 terminal_textColour_g=255 modem_rangeDuringStorm=16 computerBlockID=207 diskItemID=4000 diskDriveBlockID=208 enableAPI_http=0 terminal_textColour_b=255 checksum=440 terminal_textColour_r=255 modem_range=64 diskDriveGUIID=100 terminal_height=18
  19. Download notepad++. Its free and a better version of notepad.
  20. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/patch-for-creative-hack.45814/#post-375225
  21. This problem with the Solar array plant seems to be something in the server since most server owners don't like the arrays. I don't have any knowledge on the IIP's but they sound very useful.
  22. Download the new launcher. Your Launcher build is outdated. Yours is 249, and the updated one is 253.
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