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new map helpers needed!


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hi, i have started to build my new adventure map for technic 6. the story of the map will have something to do with a new nuclear power station that was opened and had a major explosion. the aim of the map is to journey to the reactors and shut them down. there will be many puzzles along the way. i am also looking for any ideas that people might have and any helpers that have good knowledge of the technic pack. i have a technic server on the way that we will be using. i only need about 3-5 people:)

more information is on its way:)

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I can help. I'm able to make puzzles using Buildcraft and also Redpower (to lesser extent though). I also know how to use Forestry and Industrial craft. Not sure how to use them in puzzles yet however. I was tinkering with technic puzzles for past few days (working on SMP skyblock map). Contact me if you want me to help you.

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hi name on minecraft is Zombiemaster197

i just figured out that you might need me as im brilliant with nuclear reactors and making sure i can get as much power as possible out of them

i also have skype, my name on skype is my mincraft name

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Anyone wanting to participate plz send any ideas or screenshots to my skype @ jamess1411.

I also need someone who is good with thaumcraft as I know nothing about it and I ll need help with it.


Ohh and also I need someone who is good at design and architecture to help decorate the map to fit the part:)

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