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  1. i agree i want the pic gone i want my own one back it seems quite unfair i may just create a new account if thats what it takes
  2. instead of having it be a block detector you could place it and a block breaker underneath it will then lead to a machine that will tell if it was the right block
  3. i was thinking of that but i would probably make it single player then and add some thaumcraft things to it after making everything else on a server of course
  4. awesome once i can get a server we can start probably not today though
  5. it was going to be an adventure/survival map
  6. whats your real name Quinn In game name MysticConnection Skype name diggydog225 Can you host a server no What do you wanna build depends on the mood im in Which mods do you know well most except redpower are we going to do this in survival or creative depends on what you want
  7. id love to play this when i get the chance i think the main goal for this for me will be an alchemical tome so i can get any item
  8. ooh didn't realize that i think the problems are with thaumcraft but i dont know ive never played it myself or seen the latest version
  9. what do you mean by that that would be great id love to have all the help i can get since i lost the 6 hours of progress i had when my brother deleted my technic launcher folder and cleared the recycle bin and for the server can you add world edit it will help immensely i was using it and have lots of practice with it
  10. i believe that it will be out within the next week thats what i heard from nearbygamer
  11. haha wow i started a trend of people who wanted to help and btw thaumcraft couldn't be done on a server since its SSP only
  12. Re: Technic For Beginners if you could put this on a server id love to help
  13. if you still need any help id be glad to
  14. i can help build the map id like to help I would be happy to help
  15. IRL Name ill tell you through skype IGN Name MysticConnection What parts of tekkit are you are good at: redpower IC2 buildcraft and some general things Skype Name: diggydog225