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So I'm playing on my brothers server and I'm building a 15x15x15 dynamic tank. Mind you, the same size worked on our previous world AS WELL AS in singleplayer.

I create all the necessary components, blah blah blah, and when I have it finally built, it doesn't work. The multi-block doesn't form and it has no GUI. So I think to myself, "Okay, lets try SSP since for whatever reason it's not working now." So I go into single player and I build the IDENTICAL size tank. Nothing. I build a 14x14x14, it works and stores liquids and stays a multiblock. So I, after much frustration, decide to break down 2 walls and lower the ceiling of the SMP tank to make it a 14x14x14. I do so and it starts to work, so I get a moment of satisfaction. Then I break a glass and place another valve, and it breaks... again. And now it won't reconnect to itself, so I can never use it to store liquids.

What I'm asking here, after you read my story, is if anyone else is having similar or identical problems. I've built 15x15x15 before, even uploaded a few pictures of its storage capacity to another thread, but now it seems its broken. And 14x14x14 SHOULD be working, but it's also broken now. Anyone know a simple solution or ran into the same or similar problem?

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