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IC2 pump & miner


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Hey guys,

I'm trying to make my miner work unmaintained, and having some problems automating the pump without wasting tin.

1. It seems that one can't use an Ender Chest next to the pump as a storage? It seems to ignore buckets stored there, and never fills them. I haven't tried the vanilla ender chests, but I guess it won't work as well?

2. My current setup involves having one ender chest as an input, where empty buckets come, then transposer, normal chest adjacent to pump, and then filter taking out filled lava/water/oil buckets to another ender chest. My problem is that current setup involves a lot of setting up every time I move my miner to another spot(because I have to add timer, red alloy wires, rotate filter and transposer, set up filter etc). Are there better ways to get rid of liquids?

PS on the other side of ender chests I simply use deployer to put the liquid out of the bucket, another deployer to put the cobblestone destroying liquid, and block breaker that takes the cobblestone back to deployer.

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Update: The forum ate my batboxes and turned text bold instead.

I hope this did not cause too much confusion. I fixed the text below.


I have not tried using an ender chest with this, but I found two IC2 pump and miner setups that work well for me and require little supervision. I mostly use these in the nether -- the zombie pigmen don't seem to mind. (I build a small cobblestone shelter since I don't know how the mining equipment holds up against ghastly fireballs.)

As seen from above:

[ ][C]



[ ] - Empty block

[C] - chest (regular wooden)

(B) - Batbox

[P] - IC2 Pump

[T] - Thermal Generator

[M] - IC2 Miner

Put a stack of empty cells into the pump (requires 16 tin to make)

Prime the Thermal Generator with some lava buckets or lava cells.

Put the mining pipe, drill and scanner into the Miner.

For maintenance, you may need to

1) Add more mining pipes to the miner

2) Add more lava into the thermal generator

3) Add more empty cells into the pump

If you install these in the nether, there is no shortage of lava. You pump will output lava cells into the chest next to it; you can use these cells to power the thermal generator. (Manual move in this first setup.)

If you are mining through a pool of lava with the biggest scanner installed in the miner, then you will go through a lot of empty cells.

On the other hand, you will also get a lot of lava cells.

A slightly more economical setup would be:



[ ] - Empty block

[C] - chest (regular wooden)

(B) - Batbox

[P] - IC2 Pump

[T] - Thermal Generator

[M] - IC2 Miner

For this setup the pump only needs one empty cell.

The pump sends the lava into the thermal generator and also gives a 50%(?) IC2 energy boost to the thermal generator.

For me, the miner seems to run slower with this setup, especially when you are going through lava.

To keep this running, you only need to worry about:

1) Keeping the thermal generator supplied with lava -- which happens automatically with the pump when mining most places in the nether.

2) Add more mining pipes if the miner runs out.

I recommend using the second setup with a regular mining drill if you are just getting started and want to conserve resources.

Once you have a decent supply of tin, etc. I would recommend the first setup with a diamond mining drill.

Moving either setup is not too bad with a loss-less mode electric wrench.

Don't forget to fill in the first block under the miner when breaking down the mining location or it will drop down the mining shaft.

(If you have enough wood you can just leave the chests behind.)

Good luck with your IC2 mining!

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marrrc's first method is wrong, since marrrc failed to understand trakos' conditions. trakos wants an automated setup without constantly wasting tin. marrrc's second method works, but only for lava. The layouts are also missing the batteries, since marrrc obviously didn't double-check his/her post.

A better way to solve this is to use logistics pipes. Put a basic logistics pipe next to the chest that is next to the pump. Have that basic logistics pipe connect to a logistics power junction. The logistics power junction will need either buildcraft or industrialcraft power. Have a provider logistics pipe connect to another side of the chest, and have one cobblestone transport pipe connect the basic pipe to the provider pipe. Get a liquid supplier pipe and connect it to the provider pipe. Then have a liquid disposer connect to the liquid supplier pipe. Make sure the logistics pipes aren't connect to any other machine as buckets will occasionally be deposited into them. Use a buildcraft wrench to configure the basic pipe to be a default route and to configure the liquid pipe to send one liquid bucket. Put exactly one empty bucket into the chest, since any stacks will be read as one bucket by the pump. In other words, the pump will output more than one bucket's worth of liquid from just one source block.


In the picture above, the basic pipe is above the chest, the provider pipe is to the right of the chest, and the liquid pipe is to the left of the liquid disposer.

My method will solve trakos' problem, but it will cost a small sum of gold and iron for the logistics pipes and two diamonds. My method will also require an energy source. It is probably not optimized since I just learned how to use logistics pipe when I saw this thread.

On other note, you could place your setup on frames instead.

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