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Enchanting table bug


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So the problem i'm having with the enchating table, whenever i try to move the sliders (of the different enchantments) they immidiatly jump back to the left or when I drag them all the way to the right they become red and they cant be moved alltogether.

This problem exists only on the server I host, When I Start a singplayer game the table works fine (also tried on a new server same problem).

Sorry if the description is vague, it's kinda hard to eplain.

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Also make sure you have the full amount of bookshelves around the table, as that also makes enchantments go red, if the table hasn't got a high enough level to enchant your item.

Ah now I see what the problem was, I had the right amount of bookshelves but some of them were blocked by torches nad did not work.

Now I feel stupid :P

Anyway thanks for the replies.

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