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[1.0.4]minecrunch.net - HEXXIT [PvE][20 slots][No Whitelist][CoreProtect - WorldGuard - Lockette]


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Just opened!

IP: public.minecrunch.net:25568 / tekkit.minecrunch.net:25568

Server rules:

  • No griefing protected regions
  • The mods/admins are usually in a bad mood and will ban you for any reason whatsoever
  • Don't ask for mod or op or creative or any other means of hacking in stuff; you'll be ignored

Other than that, there are really no rules. Have fun. There are no disabled mods or items.


  • Lockette
  • WorldGuard
  • Core Protect
  • Essentials

Currently only 3GB of RAM and 20 slots open. If there is a lot of traffic to the server, I'll allocate some more resources from the tekkit or voltz server to this one. Should be up 24/7.

No dynmap right now; let me know if you think it'd be a good idea...

All minecrunch.net servers run on dedicated hardware, owned and operated by minecrunch. There are currently 4 owners of minecrunch.net: Jonpro03, LO_Windigo, Linuxchiq and tstreit1. Be sure to say Hi if you see them in-game!

All servers run various flavors of Linux. We are all knowledgeable in Linux and are happy to help you with your own linux servers or any other linux-related issues. Just ask :)

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There won't be a spawn built until I'm comfortable with worldguard/coreprotect protection and the hexxit mods, which I'm currently not. Until then, spawn will continue to move around to different locations (usually villages) around the map.

Lucrio, you and I both know why you and your posse was banned but I won't embarrass you publicly.

In other news, there have been a lot of complaints about Dimensional Doors. As one of the few (only?) Hexxit servers with DD still enabled, I would like to get public opinion about keeping it.

Understand that dimensional doors will make the server unresponsive for a couple of seconds max (usually 5 or so) then it will go back to normal. It is _not_ responsible for the many crashes (that has to do with generating new chunks/structures). If nobody has any interest in playing through the DD mod, then I can remove it like everyone else.

Let me know what you think!

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If you need help with the server let me know, I can at least setup a spawn for people. If you're serious about my approval contact me on Skype or Gmail.

Skype - withbloodskies

Gmail - [email protected]

I kinda just wanna help a server out and play on it, I require nothing special. No special privileges, no special items or anything in payment. Let me know.

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