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[1.0.5] RC-HEXXIT [Populated 150 slots][PvP][Factions][Griefing/Raiding][Fixes][DD off][NO LAG]


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SERVER IP: hexxit.rc-gamers.com


Hey there guys, I know that probably none of you will even read the whole thing and will just copy/paste the ip and connect, so I will try to make it as simple as I can.

Even though Hexxit was freshly released we are fast learners and we will do our best to help you understand the modpack better.

We will provide with you best quality gaming experience so don't hesitate to join us

and try it out for yourselves! Once in - never out!


No scamming

no hacking

no cheating or abusing anything in any possible way

do not cause damage to server in any way

Respect players and staff

Don't beg for items


Powerful server (no lag)




(More coming soon!)


Ender bow

Dimensional doors

Feel free to take a glance at our spawn (inspired by orgrimmar from world of warcraft)



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Very nice server, Awsome staff! lo lag at all, its a very nice place to enjoy your tekkit houres.

recommended to evryone out there!

Glad you enjoyed it, although it's called hexxit not tekkit :P

awesome server. i was in few other but this one has so clean setups and a good system. it was really fun in those dungeons :D and no lag at all.

join guys. we need population im building up a faction

Thanks for positive response! :3

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