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No enderman in_the_end


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Hi Guys/Girls

Wonder if i could ask for your wisdom in a little problem i have on my server

For the life of me can not work out why enderman wont spawn in the end.

I have reset the world but still problem remains.

I am using MCPC+ with Worldguard,Worldedit,Commandbook and when we go to the end we can see the enderman spawn but then they despawn straight away,even when trying in creative same problem happens..i have been through most of configs only to find no problem (well looks like that but there most be some thing)

Tried game rule but still nothing

I filmed it in action please see

Any suggestion are welcome..

Thank in advance

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Post your server.properties- my CanVox-sense tender man that the problem lies in that file.

As in spawn monsters?..set to true....server props is fine...all other mobs spawn just no enderman in the end?.. they sort of spawn then despawn..

Gunna try removing world guard and start server later to see if that makes a diff.

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