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Wierdest Lag/problem ever.


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So I have a lot of experience with server hosting and have been hosting a few servers for over a year. I got to launch my hexxit server and there is lag. This lag only accurs when you teleport or login. 30 seconds after that everything will be running fine. The lag is only for the player and not the whole server and doesent matter how many people are on, 1 or 100 it still lags. I usually host all my servers on one box on one vm so I figured I would make it its own vm and split the resources. That still did not work.

So i had jsut switched hosts and have a few days left on my other host and decided to throw it on there and see what happen. It works fine with no lag than I threw it on my friends Dedicated with no lag. I check the resources its using and its not even using 25% and as i said before everything works fine after 30 seconds with no block or chat lag.

My next attempt was maybe the operating system dident like it so i tried Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Debian 7, Centos OS, and Ubuntu. ALL of these lagged.

The only server that lags is the Hexxit one and my other two Tekkit main and Tekkit Classic run just fine. I am at a loss on whats causing this.. I have tried everything in my opinion and i just cant seem to narrow it down. Why does it run fine on a server identical to mine but not my server. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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