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Tekkit Lite 0.61 server crashing upon player login

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums, so I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but it's the best place I could find to ask a question about this problem.

I run a small Tekkit Lite server, and just tonight, we had a storm roll through where our physical server computer is located. This in turn caused the power to go out (not a surge, just an outage) and the server was closed immediately, and not properly. About an hour later, I attempted to start up the server, I was almost positive that the world file was going to be corrupt, and sure enough, it was. I keep regular backups of our server, but the latest one I had at the time was from 4 days ago. There has been some major building going on in the past 4 days. So I copied some of these new structures from our recent corrupt world, using MCEdit, and put them back in their corresponding place in our backup world. Everything seemed to go ok, and the server starts up fine without any errors. However, when any player attempts to log in, the server crashes, throwing this crash report:


I'm not good at all with reading minecraft crash reports. If someone could please help me understand what's happening, or give me suggestions on how to fix the issue, I would be very great full.

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