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War-plugin/mod Help/Ideas


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Hello my Dear Programmers / Modders

I started recently with an Idea which i myself find really amazing.

Whats my Idea?

Well i think of sorta the Following:

Once you join the Server You're in a Lobby Area (Just Normal Lobby) where are Different Signs/Portals (Not sure yet) which you can go trough to join a War Territory (2 or 4 Teams War ,Not sure yet)

Once you join a Territory you get Teamed (Or Manually Choose one). You Spawn inside a Safety Bunker (can't be destroyed) and attack the Enemy Base with any Force you can buy (Tanks, Weapons, Rocket ...)

Also there will be some Basic Group you could choose from (Mostly like Soldier, Sniper, Grenadier ect..)

The whole Warfield would be destroyable (except Spawn and Core) and your Primary target would be the Enemies base Core (Also unbreakable without directly interacting)

There would be Secondary Targets like Capturing Little Bases on the Field for Respawn/Weapons/Rocket Bases.

Once you die you Respawn in your Base with your Basic Weapons from your Group.

Once a Team Wins, the Map will be Completely Restored and all Players will get Teleported back to the Lobby (Worlds will be Overwritten with Undamaged Ones after the Win)


I also plan on making a Factions in which Factions can fight each other in Special Territorys which will give them Money Bonuses (per h/d not Sure yet).

The whole Fighting will go the Same way as above but once you won you Claim this territory.

You may or may can't attack territorys of a Faction of which None Players are Online/Aviable

Territory Overview

I also plan to make some Kind of Territory Overview with a Dynmap which will Color each Territory with the Color of the Faction, that won so you could see which Faction does have the lead.

At end of the Week/Month (Not sure yet) all Territories will be reset and the Faction with the host Territories get another Money Boost (Not sure how much)

Score System.

Also Planned a Little Score System.

Just Basicall Kills(100 Credits per Kill) and Deaths. (Maybe a K/D Ratio later on)


The Shop will only be aviable trough War and you'll Keep the Items only until you die.

VIP: None ideas until now what could be VIP.

Thats as far as my Idea goes so far.

I started with the Basic of Player Joining and Registering them in Files with all the Data (Money/K/D/Arena(If Disconnected while in War)/VIP)

To Prevent Lag also the Player File only gets Loaded once on Join and gets Saved again when he Leaves the Server or Wins/Loses a War .

I'll start with the Arena System Soon but i've to decide first how much Teams should be aviable during a Normal War.

What do you think about this Idea?

Also i may would arrange someone in Exchange for Money (Paid per H of Work. But i should be able to comprehend what you did in this Hours.)

Thats all i've for now. I'll update this later on as i Progress.

Sincerly Fabian95qw

PS : ~Sry for my English

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I like your idea although VIP will probably be made into something users will need to buy in witch case i would not be on that server. You should have configurable number of teams. And I like the idea of incorporating Factions.

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If you incorporate Factions you should make it so that the winner gets everyone elses land and losing Factions have to pay taxes to the winner. The only problem with factions is the no griefing, this mod is good for an Anarchy server.

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