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How do the new crafting systems work?


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I have tried various ways to create all the various patterns those new nifty little books discuss. However past the blank pattern, I have no clue how to create any of the patterns. I did go steal some from the friendly neighborhood village.

But even then I cannot seem to figure out how this system comes together and actually works.

Any links to information about this or responses with discoveries you all have found would be great.

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The Stencil table has next/prev pattern. You need to feed it blank patterns.

The part builder table takes patterns (adjacent pattern chest) and makes up to two parts at a time (pattern, material->part & residue (for handles, tool bindings & guards)).

Read book 1 & 2, and check the final table.

Repair/Upgrade is the default mode. The other mode buttons are for building the different tools. Click one and it will show you the parts needed. Go make them in the part builder, get the stencils from the stencil table if you need to, store them in a pattern chest connected to the part builder table.

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