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[1.3.13]Haxyshideout[pvp/raid/grief][200 Slots][No whitelist][ts]


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A true grief raid server run on a powerful dedicated with a 1 Gb/s link for minimal lag.

Join us on TS at ts.haxyshideout.com

Server Ip: bigdig.haxyshideout.com

If you are having issues please check you’re running the correct version of Bigdig (version 1.3.13), select the increase perm-gen size on launcher setting and allocate as much ram as possible.

Server rules:

1. Allowed to grief and raid any player or staff member and all unprotected areas

2. 24/7 active admins, mods and trial mods

3. Any spam, caps or strong language in chat will be result in a temp or Permanent mute in chat.

4. Any client side hacks will be result in a permanent ban.

5. Immediately report any bug you find. Any players found abusing bugs will be banned.

6. Essentials and set home commands are enabled on the server.

7. Try not complain about the lag we are working to fix the issues and the map hasn't full generated yet. Spamming lag will result in a temp mute in chat.

Banned items:

Heat generators

Wind turbines

lux capacitor

All of the base mod on Big Dig Pack is enabled.

Plugins enabled on the server:

1. Essentials

2. PvP logging protection

More plugins will addend by the owner Mr Hax (clienthax)

The server is expected to be up 24/7 with a daily restart.

The server has just been made public from a small beta test with admins and few trusted players. The current players have been on the HaxysHideout Voltz server which is currently the most popular server around. The spawn is still under construction and will always continue to improve.

Staff List

Clienthax - Owner

Kakashi10690 - Head admin

Ashley1213 - Admin

Radiga - Admin

HydroAtom - Admin/Builder


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why banning windmills ? BTW i suggest you to ban op explosives

windmills cause server lag in decent ammounts, we have a custom plugin that lets us track down how much tps is being used per tick on what block

comes in handy

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