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  1. Hey guys! Im proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to the JAC Community; Big Dig! Big Dig, is a modpack through the Technic Launcher, with many mods. Imagine, the carnage of Voltz, with the possibilities of Feed the Beast! Myself, Giantsfan98, and Mickeyjay88 have worked very hard to maximize the performance and expirence of this pack. We have spent almost a week debuging, and making sure there will be as little downtime possible. Myself (Moon_Owl) and a few other JAC staff have suscessfully patched ICBM, cusom coded Multiverse, Factions, a few administration plugins
  2. windmills cause server lag in decent ammounts, we have a custom plugin that lets us track down how much tps is being used per tick on what block comes in handy
  3. A true grief raid server run on a powerful dedicated with a 1 Gb/s link for minimal lag. Join us on TS at ts.haxyshideout.com Server Ip: bigdig.haxyshideout.com If you are having issues please check you’re running the correct version of Bigdig (version 1.3.13), select the increase perm-gen size on launcher setting and allocate as much ram as possible. Server rules: 1. Allowed to grief and raid any player or staff member and all unprotected areas 2. 24/7 active admins, mods and trial mods 3. Any spam, caps or strong language in chat will be result in a temp or Permanent mute in
  4. Yep weave been finding all the bugs in bukkitforge and helping keepcalm fix em ;)
  5. You need to provide it with A LOT of power
  6. Why are people getting there brains all fucked about this server? The server is great, uptime is dam good, the admins are finding and fixing bugs by helping the mod devs theres hardly any lag and all people do is bitch about there base getting raided when playing on a PVP GRIEF SERVER Grow up, jeez
  7. Fixed it, deleted config/railcraft/liquid_filters.cfg and its fine
  8. Ok i tryed to spawn in some creosote oil and it said theres no item for it so im assuming thats whats causing the issue here
  9. Ok checked the client side files [20:11:06] [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at abs.b(SourceFile:227) [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at abl.a(SourceFile:29) [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at abs.a(SourceFile:155) [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at lg.e(NetworkManager.java:227) [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at lg.c(NetworkManager.java:389) [20:11:06] [sEVERE] at rl.run(SourceFile:76) [20:11:21] [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException [20:11:21] [sEVERE] at tw.a(RenderItem.java:101) [20:11:21] [sEVERE] at tw.a(RenderItem.java:415) [
  10. There is no log, it doesnt produce a server message, il try with the broken block and see if that provides a error
  11. Title: Coke oven crashs Version: 3.1.2 OS: Win7 64bit Java Version: 1.7.0_05 Description of Problem: Breaking or attempting to use a active coke oven will crash the player, if the oven is broken it makes a item that causes a internel excpetion when in the items range, Error Messages: Error Log:
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