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Need help starting a Hamachi thread


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Try redownloading the server and beginning again. Make sure you are using a clean folder just incase there is anything else there that shouldn't be there. Make sure your Java is up to date. Make sure you are using launch.bat I think is the file. Also, be aware that any other mods you may be trying to put in the server, if you are, are probably going to cause it to crash; i know optifine isn't really working with hexxit yet.

(I have no idea of your technical know how on setting up minecraft servers, I promise I don't mean to condescending. :) )

If all else fails, check the Forge log and see where it got hung up. I'd post it up here for the mod dev's to take a look. Unless there is another spot.


Edit: Also your thread title is not indicative of the issue you are having. It should be some form of "NEI and Server not launching." If you have other issues, you should keep them in the top post.

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